Dynasty Comfort Headbands



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  • PRICE – $109.99 + tax
  • COLOURS – Black
  • SIZES – XS through to XL
  • Knit material
  • Built for everyday comfort and convenience wear
  • Our new protective headbands offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact. Perfect for wearing on the curling ice, outdoor rink, or even walking your dog in slippery outdoor Canadian conditions!
  • Powered by an innovative smart molecule technology, this material is soft and flexible when at rest, but on impact its molecules instantly lock tightly together to disperse and absorb impact.  Good for up to 50 impacts.
    Disclaimer:  “No helmet, headband, or headgear can prevent head, brain, or neck injuries.”
  • Measure head circumference.  Use a flexible measuring tape to measure around your head. For best results, use a plastic/cloth measuring tape. Alternately, you may use a piece of string or cord and then measure the length of the cord.Measure the athlete’s head circumference. This is a two-person task:
    Keeping the tape parallel to the floor, make sure the tape measure touches the following points on the head:
    A. 1 inch above the brow line
    B. ½ inch above the earsNote: For those with thicker hair, compress tape measure until feeling the hair “push back” or create slight resistance to the tape measure. This will serve as a good approximation for the helmet fit.Select headgear size.  Refer to the size chart for a starting point in selecting a headgear size. You may need to go up or down in size after checking for proper fit.  We recommend going with a larger size if the athlete’s head circumference is between sizes.

    X-SMALL / SMALL             18″ – 20 ½”
    MEDIUM / LARGE             20 ¾” – 23″
    X-LARGE / XX-LARGE        23 ¼” – 26″

    Adjust the size of the toque or headband using the snap joints to enlarge.

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